Thursday, 3 November 2011

More and More Kilometres

Here's a tune from Canadian indie rockers, Metric : Gold, Guns Girls.  Its exactly a BPM of 90 (half of 180), so perfect for running. It has a fast high energy sound which gets me motivated.

You might want to check out the Mike Shinoda Remix of this song, which using the Tap for Beats Per Minute tool I calculate to be the same 90 BPM.  The mix has more of an electronic sound, rather than indie rock sound of the original version.  I use the tap for beats per minute tool for music I don't own the mp3 of and so can't run it through MixMeister, see post here for details on doing that.  Even though it might be a bit less accurate, it is how my body feels the beat, so how I am going to move when running.

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