Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Make Sure You Travel Far

This song, The Only Way, by Gotye is certainly the darkest song I have posted yet, its about death. But for me it still works, because I think it helps me be really alive to at least sometimes thinking about death.  Run, bike, swim, dance and love now, you'll be dead soon enough.  OK I'll stop pretending to be Eckhart Tolle!

The BPM is 89 so perfect for a 180 SPM run. Enjoy yourself.

UPDATE : I don't know how I missed this, but the last few days I have been thinking / reading so much about Micah True's disappearance and finally him being found dead.  It's strange to mourn someone you never met, but I am mourning him. No wonder I picked this song. RIP Caballo Blanco.

Calm down now baby
The end of the journey's in sight
You've travelled so far love
Now all of the stars are aligned
Say goodbye (I don't want to)
Don't you fight (I don't want to)
Leaving your life's no easy ride

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