Friday, 17 August 2012


I've fallen down the 8-bit rabbit hole. It all started with my post on Uoki-Toki and now several days later I have listened to nothing else.  First off I just love the sound, second the bands are from all over the place.  Uoki-Toki are Russian, today's suggestion, Sulumi, is Chinese.  But anther big reason is that tons of this shit is around 90 BPM.  Rap music is also very often at 90, but I just don't usually like it, its too self-referential and well stupid, so I am so happy to find an amazing electronic genre that seems to consistently clock in at 90 BPM or there about.  I can't find this track, Sweetly, on YouTube.  Its available at Amazon USUKFRDEJP or follow the link below for a 30 second sample on  I'm getting the BPM at 92 using the Tap for BPM tool (so works for a 180 Steps Per Minute run).

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