Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Forever Punk

Running in the winter is hardcore. So here's a little mix of punk, post-punk, math-rock, metal for the furious few left out there on the trails. Nothing electronic, lots of attitude, fast loud.  All tracks are available on the amazing music site Epitonic.  I usually try to limit myself to 6 songs on the free download lists, but these 7 tracks still clock in under 30 minutes. As usual click on the song to download, the band name will take you to the Epitonic page for the band.

Queen of Hearts by Fucked Up 90bpm
Yes let's fall in love!  This is a totally sweet little love song! Canadian.

Drug Control by 7-Seconds 91bpm
Short and to the point.  Don't dope people! It ain't a winning strategy. Oh and this track is only 39 seconds long.

Turbofonte by Chevreuil 87bpm
Instrumental. Get lost in this track listening to all nine and a half minutes. Frenchies.

Chasing My Mind by Holograms 94bpm
Isn't that what running is half about, chasing your mind? Swedish.

Craver by Lower 87
Has a dark sound, which I just love, officially downer punk. Danish.

Goergia X by Creedle 89bpm
Somewhere between metal and punk.  This is a great track. Plus they are from San Diego, a town I love.  

Yellow Guy / Pink Eye by Sleeping People 90bpm
Instrumental, more metal than punk.  I LOVE running to stuff like this.  It will add power to your stride. Again from San Diego.

PS the title is a homage to my current favourite band Die Goldenen Zitronen.  It's their 'cover' of Forever Young.  Not a good running song, but I couldn't resist!

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