Friday, 22 February 2013

Fire makes me go

I am kind of liking giving this free download list a theme, so here's another themed list, this time with an acoustic indie feel.  All tracks are available for free and legal download on the awesome music site Epitonic. Click on the song name to start the download, the band name to be taken to the page about the band on Epitonic.  The BPM is around 90, so perfect for a 180 SPM run.

Child-Heart Losers by Sunset Rubdown  92bpm
Canadian from Montreal.  This song is sad and melodic and has a sort of medieval sound to it.  Let the "fire make you go"...

Winged Wicked Things by Sunset Rubdown  89bpm
OK so this is another one by Sunset Rubdown, but it doesn't sound anything like the last track, at least I would never have guessed it was the same band.  This song sounds like it was influenced by Pink Floyd's The Wall. It is a great track. "Chaos is yours and its mine"

Ghost Story by Cloud Control  91bpm
Australian.  Sounds like the theme song for an old western movie.

In The Pines by Widowspeak 93bpm
American from Brooklyn.  Reminds me of Mazzy Star.  Pretty female vocals, good guitar.

A Milion Years by Alexandre  91bpm
American from southern California.  Finally a happy song on Run to the Beat - enjoy it, who knows when I'll like a happy song again.

Drunken Tears by Quasi  87bpm
American from Portland, Oregon. A bit melodramatic, just like the title suggests.

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