Thursday, 7 June 2012

99% Radical

The last few days I've been listing to the album Peace Not War Vol. 2. I got volume 1 back around the time it came out, not long after the start of the 2002 US war on Afghanistan.  I just discovered that there is a second volume because I also just discovered Bill Hicks, and one of the songs on the album samples some of his stuff. Bill Hicks was a hilarious stand up comedian, go listen if you don't know him. Anyway using my tap for beats per minute tool, I found that quite a few of the tracks on the Peace Not War album are good for running.  The following are all close to 90BPM (88-92).

Disclaimer : This is protest music at its finest, so warning it's political, and some of the videos show quite violent war scenes. Might be offensive to some, although if you've got this far then I think we're safe.

Starship Trooper by The Herd

On The Face Of It by The Evens

True Nature by Jane's Addition

Counter War Terrorism by Train Of Thought

What Would You Do by Paris

The Last Trumpet (feat Lateef) by Lyrics Born and Lateef
I have posted this song before, here, but since its on this album here it is again.

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