Sunday, 22 July 2012

Strong Bones

I'm on holiday, I wrote this post before leaving and am testing the schedule function of blogger.  So it worked.

Here's two songs from a band I recently started listening to, Rubyrough or Ruby Rough?  I'd classify them as down-tempo electronica with female vocals. I think I discovered them when made a similar playlist while I was listening to Monocular or Portishead.  The thing I like a lot about them too is that the album is really diverse, the songs don't sound alike. The singer is an American the music by a German. They are based in Berlin.

The first track, Skeletons, clocks in at 91BPM.  The video is awesome.

The second one is Ruby Red Glasses with a BPM of 89.  You can listen to a 30 second sample of the track here.  

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