Monday, 24 September 2012

6 Free Running Songs for September 2012

Before September ends I better give you the heads up on some freely downloadable running music from EpitonicTo download the song, click on the name of the song.  The band name links to the Epitonic page about the band.  They all are close to 90 BPM so work for a 180 SPM (strides per minute) run.  Just in case this isn't obvious why, 90x2=180 and honestly I can't really even tell the difference, between a song MixMeister classifies as 90 or 180.  

No Rain (Pumpkin Remix) by Blind Melon 90 BPM
No Rain was a big hit in the 90s, but this remix gives it new life, and its old enough that I am no longer annoyed by its hit status.  Blind Melon are, well were, big indie rockers from LA.  

Who (with David Byrne) by St. Vincent 90 BPM
Annie Clark is a super hottie (well at least according to her photo on the Epitonic band page) from Texas.  Indie pop.  

3 Away by Pretty Girls Make Graves 88 BPM
From Seattle, sort of hardish indie pop.  Either named after the song from the Smiths or from a line from Dharma Bums by Kerouac.  I'm hoping for the latter. They are classified as punk, but they are way too pop, especially the vocals, to count as punk for me.

Righteous Black by Gauntlet Hair 90 BPM
These guys are from Colorado.  Indie rock.  This is pretty crunchy, powerful.  If you like running to stuff with a bit of an edge this track is for you. 

Parentheses by The Antlers 90 BPM
This sounds like Bronski Beat, at least the voice. If you haven't listened to Bronski Beat since the 80s go and listen to them again.  Smalltown Boy sounds like it just came out.  Well The Antlers have that dreaming aching feeling too, but with a more rock guitar sound. They are from Brooklyn. 

Cheenese by Pompeya 92 BPM
Pompeya are from Russia, but sound really tropical.  Its there second song I am recommending.  This track is super well constructed, smooth, easy to move too. 

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