Thursday, 11 October 2012

Free Running Songs for October 2012 part 1

I've really reduced the amount of posts in the last few months. Part of it is just that I've been really busy, and also that my attention has sort of been else where. I've been massively geeking out over at Coursera. Anyway my Free Running Songs posts have gotten a lot more hits that the single video song posts. So unless I find a real gem, I'll just be sticking to the free download stuff, well at least for now. Oh and another post that has gotten a lot of hits, and that I think is worth a look at is Take Control of the BPM, in which I explain how to tweak the BPM of songs you already love, so if you missed that you might want to go have a look. 

OK so this time these free tracks are available at I'll try to do an Epitonic post too before the end of the month.  

Freiheit by Tonic 94 BPM
German, hip-hop. unfortunately the page for Tonic is of another band that isn't this Tonic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lyrics to this. In fact I just love it. Its a fucking anthem to run to, to live to. Here's some bits of the lyrics I was able to pick up.

"es ist nie mals zu spat zu sein wenn du anfangst zu werden
Wege tragen Scherben damit du betriebst zu lernen
zu ehrer und begehren was dein Leben fuer ein Geschenk ist
jede deine schritte ist begleitet durch Freiheit
spreng die Ketten die Zeile und Leichtheit
ateme tief durch man dein Leben muss Frei bleiben"

which translates to something like this
"it is never to late to become, the path has shards so that you can learn to honor what a gift your life is ... every step in guided by freedom, cut the chains, the ropes and the easiness, breath deep man, your life must stay free".

You know I really like the sound of hip-hop but so usually is is barely masked 'my dick is bigger than yours' bullshit. German hip-hop is often much, much better than that. On there are several other runnable tracks from Tonic; Intro feat. Dj Corin (89 BPM), Monoton (93 BPM),  Letzten Tag (89 BPM),   Deine Entschiedung (90 BPM) and Wahrnehmung feat. Es-say (91 BPM) so go get your fill.

Séance on a Wet Afternoon by Girls Names 89 BPM
From Belfast.  Indie noisy pop.  

Erasers by Sequence Theory Project 90 BPM
Not too sure where these guys are from. Slow sad trip-hop. 

Flower Song by Jermook 95 BPM
Jermook are Russian, but it sounds like she's singing in an Asian language to me. Trip-hop but way more up beat than the last one.

Poor Droidcat by Psilodump 92 BPM
8-bit /  chiptune from Sweden. This track is AMAZING!  It is so good it makes my head hurt to listen to it.  

Jag Mötte Henne I Fredags by Bossfight 91 BPM
Also 8-bit but with some female vocals from fellow Swedes Bossfight

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