Tuesday, 6 November 2012

6 Pack Nov 2012

So here this month's selection of 6 tracks, all legally and freely available for download from the amazing music site EpitonicTo download the song, click on the name of the song.  The band name links to the Epitonic page about the band. The BPM on all these songs is close to 90, so that's perfect for a 180 SPM (Strides Per Minute) run since 90 is half of 180, and the beat feels pretty much the same to me, between 180 and 90.  

La Belle Tocade by  ME & LP 92 BPM
ME & LP are Matthew Embree (Rx Bandits, Love You Moon) and Lisa Papineau (Big Sir) I'm a big Big Sir fan. American.  Indie Pop. I LOVE this track.  If you missed the Big Sir track I recommended its The Kindest Hour with a BPM of 90. 

Shooting Stars by Elysian Fields 91 BPM
From New York, this is lush and dreamy, has touches of down-tempo, jazz, pop.  This sort of thing goes either way for me, it can come off as cheesy, or I buy it.  Somehow here I buy it.

In Loco Parentis by The Better Automatic 89 BPM
American indie pop, with a bit of a hard edge.  Good strong beat.

We've Had Enough by Alkaline Trio 88 BPM
Punk from Chicago. I really don't know what makes these guys 'punk' and the last guys 'pop'.  I feel like punk used to be harder, well American punk to me usually sounds like pop. Again super beat.

Too Late To Topologize by Zammuto 94 BPM
Experimental electronic pop.  This is a happy bubbly song.  From New York.

Your Drums, Your Love by AlunaGeorge 90 BPM
British electronic female vocals. I like this because her voice reminds me of Martina Toply-Bird the singer on Tricky's first album.  But if I'm honest this is just not as dark and twisty as Tricky, but I still like it enough.  If you missed it she has another song on Epitonic You Know You Like It at 91 BPM that I've mentioned in a previous post. 

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