Tuesday, 23 October 2012

6 Free Running Songs for October 2012 part 2

So here's a second set of free running songs.  They are all legally and freely available for download from the amazing music site EpitonicTo download the song, click on the name of the song.  The band name links to the Epitonic page about the band.  

Anti Love Song by Betty Davis  93 BPM
Super old, funk, American.  I should hate it, but don't. 

You Gotta Know by Little Emily Warfield 94 BPM
Indie Americana Folk Rock.  

I Am Always The One Who Calls by Pedro the Lion 92 BPM
Seattle's Pedro The Lion give us this adorable little indie rock emo track.  

Rano Pano by Mogwai 93 BPM
Instrumental guitar noise from Glaswegian's Mogwai.  The beat is not too strong, but won't get in the way. 

I'm Not Invisible by Rocket From The Crypt 88 BPM
Pop punk rock from San Diego.  Easy to run to. 

We Were Sparkling by My Brightest Diamond 94 BPM
Sounds slow, but the BPM of 94 means it's actaully a bit fast for running. I had a My Brightest Diamond thing for a while, but after a few too many listens they started sounding a bit pretentious.  Regardless this is a lovely song, probably my favourite of theirs.  They are from New York. 

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