Saturday, 24 March 2012

Exotik Schweizer Musik

I haven't been posting as frequently as usual, because after coming back from a week of vacation, my internet got mysteriously turned off and it took two weeks to turn it back on again.  I have internet access at work, but well I am supposed to be working at work, so not so many posts.  But now everything is back up.

The other reason is that I am a little depressed about not being able to run much.  Over a year ago I got a running induced stress fracture, on the cuboid of the left foot.  The fracture itself didn't hurt that much, and I ran on it for a week with my foot twisted inward just slightly, which lead to a very painful case of posterior tibial tendinitis.  The doctor said it takes about 6 months for a cuboid fracture to heal.  That was over a year ago!   My foot feels OK, and every week or two I do a test run, 4 or 5 km and the see how it feels the next few days. So far it hasn't felt good.  Mostly I stay positive, after not being able to run for a long time, even little runs feel amazing!  And I do a lot of MTB.  But this last week or two I've been feeling a little sorry for myself again.

Well time for some music.  The song in this post is Zumurud, and it is really different from what I usually recommend. Its official style is 'world'. Mich Gerber is swiss, and I'd be willing to be bet a whole lot of money his native language is German.  Germans (German speakers) are really good at getting all ethnic and into 'eastern' cultures and music, and Mich Gerber, certainly is doing a great job of channeling some oriental desert musician here.  The BPM is 90 so great for a 180 SPM run.

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