Thursday, 8 March 2012

Have a Good Day

Another song by my kraut pop hero's Wir Sind Helden, Guten Tag. Guten Tag means good day, in have a good day, and is used like old fashioned English Good Day for Hello - who says Good Day anymore?  This was their first hit and the song that made them famous. Its a frantic little pop song with amazing lyrics, I looked around for an English translation of the lyrics and to my surprise the translations seemed really bad, they seemed to get the meaning just the opposite of what I understood listening. But this is the beauty of Wir Sind Helden, they play so much on words that it is kind of impossible to really translate. Anyway she sings

My voice against your mobile phone,
My fists against your nail lotion,
My teeth against those of Dr. Best and his son,
My soul against your gentle epilation.

It was on sale, on offer a special deal:
'Trade in a boring old life for new version'.
I just tried it out at home when I realised:
The product is broken – this is the complaint.

I won't trade anymore, I want my life back.

But in German you trade against something, so I always understood the against in the first 4 lines to meanin exchange for.  Then she sees that the products don't work as advertised. White teeth do not make you happy. But you can also kind of read the first four lines, with the against, just as against, like a rebel against. Anyway if you haven't done it yet, learn German, it's worth it for the Wir Sind Helden catalogue alone!

Its got a BPM of 92 so a bit on the fast side for a 180 SPR run, but not totally out of range.

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