Thursday, 15 December 2011

6 Free Running Songs

I've been kind of quite recently, had a lot of crazy stuff going on. To make up for it this post contains 6 free running songs! All these songs can be freely and legally downloaded from the amazing music site Epitonic. Click on the name of the song to download it. I've linked the band name to their corresponding Wikipedia entry for hardcore music fans to get band info.

  1. Excuses by Bibio 91BPM
    This song starts a bit low key and takes about half a minute to really get into the beat. But it is worth it! This is a beautiful electronic landscape - with nice lyrics too. I think it might be my favourite on the list. Oh and if the slow start doesn't work for you while running, you could always trim it.
  2. R.I.P Burn Face by CocoRosie 90BPM
    Sweet tune, strange lyrics, just as I like it.
  3. My Time bu Minus the Bear 92BPM
    Although its a little fast, this is a great tune to run to. A nice little indie pop rock song, hard not to like.
  4. Glass Table Girls by The Weeknd 89BPM
    Warning lyrics contain bad words, otherwise super hip and cool, and is he rapping some old Siouxsie and the Banshees lyrics? "this is a happy house, we're happy here in our happy house"
  5. Civilian by Wye Oak 90BPM
    According to Wikipedia, Why Oak have been described as "earnest folk-influenced indie rock with touches of noise and dream pop". Yeap.
  6. Black Night by The Dodos 91BPM
    Straight up indie rock to get those feet moving.

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