Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Cover, My Shelter

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away over a vast ocean, I was seriously charmed by a certain young Metallica-head, Brian Lew. Brian took trash metal very seriously, he went to all the shows, took photos, swapped bootleg tapes, and had lots of t-shirts, organised fan clubs and hung out backstage with bands. My little brother was also super into Metallica, so for a few years Metallica was a sort of sound track to my life. I remember loads of times driving to parties or shows with Master of Puppets, blasting on the car stereo, and at home, well they were always on.  I hated it! It was only recently, in a fit of nostalgic, that I played them again.  And you know what, I discovered a great running song, Sad But True, from The Black Album. It has a 90BPM tempo, i.e. perfect 180SPM (Strides Per Minute). 

And now for some shameless friend-promotion.  Brian and Harold Oimoen (who I don't know) just came out with a photo book about thrash metal in the Bay Area, Murder in the Front Row, for anyone so inclined! Buy it on Amazon. Or check out this review, which has some photos of Metallica where they are so young, really worth a look. 

Sorry the video can only be played directly on youtube, Metallica are super tight-ass about their music. They are not on Spotify, or Deezer or anywhere else I can find.   Yes that's sad, but true!

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