Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Prepared Now For Myself

Seether are from South Africa, but to me they sound like they're from Seattle.  Their song Fine Again is a nice 89BPM so will get you going at 180SPM (Strides per minute), or 178SPM so close enough. The lyrics are super dark, but hey I'm in the middle of getting divorced, give me a break!  At least it ends on an up note. 

I am aware now of how
everything’s gonna be fine one day
Too late, I’m in hell
I am prepared now
seems everyone’s gonna be fine
One day too late, just as well
I am prepared now,
seems everything’s gonna be fine for me
For me; for myself.
For me, for me, for myself
For me, for me, for myself

I am prepared now for myself
I am prepared now and I am fine... again

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